function key mapping broken


not sure whether this is a configuration backwards compat failure or a
wholly new braindamage:
mc suddenly maps f11 & f12 to what one might think they are (but never
were, because there was no point in it) - and then continues with
shift-f1 as f13 and so on. of course that breaks the hotkey mapping
which relies on "shifted keys" at given physical locations instead of
arbitrary mappings which simply maximize the number of available keys.

this issue is entirely new for me under xterm.
in the linux console i observed the same with the german keyboard layout
which intelligently took the freedom to map function keys differently
than the kernel's built-in layout - that's why i'm using a modified
layout for years. maybe somebody tried to work around such an issue and
broke things big time? i don't feel like looking through the mess which
you call a git history, so i'm just speculating ...

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