Re: [Midnight Commander] #184: (mandriva) check if contain a "\n"

#184: (mandriva) check if contain a "\n"
  Reporter:  metux    |       Owner:                 
      Type:  defect   |      Status:  new            
  Priority:  major    |   Milestone:  4.6.3          
 Component:  mc-core  |     Version:  4.6.1          
Resolution:           |    Keywords:  rework mandriva
  Blocking:           |   Blockedby:                 
Changes (by guanx):

  * keywords:  review mandriva => rework mandriva


 Replying to [comment:1 winnie]:
 > Can please someone state what this patch should fix. The description is
 not that good ;-)
 > Maybe we should contact the mc maintainer in mandriva

 mc crashes after failing to change into a directory whose name contains
 '\n'. This patch hides the above defect.

 I think it's better to fix this bug than to hide it.

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