Re: [Midnight Commander] #195: (mandriva) add ctrl-l as hotkey for quick-chdir

On Sun, 2009-01-18 at 21:22 +0000, Ticket System wrote:
> #195: (mandriva) add ctrl-l as hotkey for quick-chdir
> --------------------------+-------------------------------------------------
>   Reporter:  metux        |       Owner:  slavazanko
>       Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  closed    
>   Priority:  major        |   Milestone:  4.7       
>  Component:  mc-core      |     Version:  4.6.1     
> Resolution:  invalid      |    Keywords:  mandriva  
>   Blocking:               |   Blockedby:            
> --------------------------+-------------------------------------------------
> Changes (by winnie):
>   * status:  testing => closed

On this one - I don't think closing it because the shortcut I happened
to choose is a bad one is a valid resolution. The *reason* this patch
was introduced is still valid. See the original Mandriva bug:

the problem is that the ctrl-\ combination is unavailable on some
keyboard layouts. This problem is still a valid one. It would be better
to re-open the bug and pick some other available combination, rather
than just not address the problem.

See the discussion there on trying to find an available combo, also.

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