Re: [Midnight Commander] #157: [PATCH] Micro helper library

#157: [PATCH] Micro helper library
  Reporter:  Enrico Weigelt zaphod local, metux IT service <weigelt metux de>  |       Owner:  metux   
      Type:  enhancement                                                       |      Status:  accepted
  Priority:  major                                                             |   Milestone:  4.6.2   
 Component:  mc-core                                                           |     Version:  4.6.1   
Resolution:                                                                    |    Keywords:  rework  
  Blocking:  10, 14, 41, 55, 81, 125, 147, 149, 152                            |   Blockedby:          

Comment(by slavazanko):

 > a) the glib stuff is quite useless, just adds extra code

 On a modern computers it's don't important :) For other systems we make
 own realization of glib-functions... if needed :)

 > b) moving the funcs to separate .c file just kills inline'ing.

 Modern compilers may automatically make some function inline or not. In
 mc-ru-fork we was attempt to use own standart _GNU_INLINE_ (make some
 checks in configure-script)

 See next attach.

 Some example of usage:
 static _GNU_INLINE_ char *

 For more info about this need to consult with Pavlinux(Russian team of mc-
 ru-fork)... but he not present in this trac... :(

 P.S. I will return inline'ing to functions back. :)

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