mc new release preparation: Mandriva patches

Hi, guys. I noticed the recent discussion on the list with regard to
making a new mc release, so to help with that, I thought I'd send a
quick mail regarding Mandriva's mc packaging and patches. (Patrick, I'm
sorry this is so belated - I know you were trying to get some kind of
merge going months ago, I never quite got around to signing up for the
list to help out).

Mandriva keeps package builds in an SVN server, so you can see the
relevant stuff here:

specifically, the spec file is:

and all the patches are here:

The spec file should be reasonably clean and readable, I cleaned it up
last year. Roughly, we have ten more-or-less unique patches, one of
which is disabled. They should all be reasonably self-explanatory - if
not, ask me. We use 14 patches from Fedora (patches 100 through 113),
seven from PLD (patches 200 through 206), and one from OpenSUSE (patch
300). We use the Fedora UTF-8 and slang2 patches.

There's also some messing around in the spec: the Norwegian translation
is renamed (already discussed on the list, I believe), and all
translations are converted to UTF-8 via a big mess of iconv crap.
Everything else is fairly standard. Let me know if anything needs to be
clarified. Thanks.

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