Glib or no glib - we need a decision


As there are some guys here which want to stick with glib and some who
doesn't want this.

As each sites have some good arguments pro or contra glib I'll write some
thoughs here down and would like to ask you to add your arguments here and
discuss then these arguments on the list.
Please note that we really need a decision :)

 - glib has many preformed functions and we don't have to think about many
   issues as they are solved inside glib.
 - ...

 - glib is huge and we only use a very small amount of functions.
   Rewriting this functions would make mc smaller and faster. This is
   important at least for embedded devices. 
 - ...

Please discuss on this as I would like to have this solved/out-of-the-world
for 4.7


 .''`.   Patrick Winnertz <patrick winnertz skolelinux org>
: :'  :  GNU/Linux Debian-Edu Developer
`. `'`
  `-  Debian - when you have better things to do than fixing systems

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