Re: RFC: updated workflow [WAS: Re: git+patch workflow]

Am Montag 05 Januar 2009 15:13:48 schrieb Enrico Weigelt:
> * Oswald Buddenhagen <ossi kde org> schrieb:
> Hi,
> > delete *the* stable branch, but not the concept of stable branches
> > per se. doing so would mean that once you merged a feature patch
> > to master, you cannot do a bugfix release any more until you make
> > a feature release (*). to keep the option of bugfix releases open
> Actually, I dislike that idea. Instead we should declare, that
> 'master' branch is *always* what becomes the next release. We just
> have to take care that it's always in a state that it could be
> released ASAP - so: *no* development there. New features only get
> committed if they're really ready to get into next release (which
> in theory could come any second).
Well.. I like the idea of mc-4.6 stable branch quite much as we can then do 
point releases there which is only bugfixing and do active development in 
master on e.g. utf8 support or.. or or... 
This has this advantage:
 - we release mc-4.6.2 from mc-4.6 branch
Tested utf8 very much and include it in master
 - there is now a smaller issue but we doesn't want to release e.g .4.7 (with 
utf8) yet
 --> make a pointrelease with that fix applied and work further on master

With your scenario we have troubles here, because we can't make a smaller 
point release fixing only some bugs without introducing new big features which 
should be reserved for a new bigger release.

Fixes done in mc-4.6 branches can then be merged back into master so that 
master contains always every patch. 

I hope that this sound logically for you and I we can work this way :)


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