Re: Further Midnight Commander development

* Slava Zanko <slavazanko gmail com> schrieb:


> > you meant: mcvfs = model ?
> No. model = any data source. mcvfs - one of sources for mc.

Which other datasources do you have in mind ?

> > yeah, even sockets:
> >     cat tcp://somehost:port/
> > (I'll add this to libmvfs in the next days ...)
> Cool. I'm waiting now this patch. :)

Hmm, will take some time ... you can check out the open libmvfs
branches (svn://anonymous:anonymous nibiru metux de/public/libmvfs/)
to see what's coming.

Primary libmvfs<->mcvfs bridging is already done in mc-9p branch
(svn://, all it takes now is adding 
a new vfs_class structure per libmvfs-supported fs :)
(perhaps we could invent some more automatic mapping someday ?)

> > certain certain DE's ? Well, perhaps it would be even better to just
> > directly support well-known DE's shortcut files ?
> But if file will open by DE, mc don't handle data from 'shorcut'. 

No, I meant, mc shall be able to understand certain DE's shortcut files 
and do the right things. For example, if the shortcut points to some
ftp:// url, it just cd's to this url and let's ftpfs do the dirty work.

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