Two new mailinglists

Ad discussed with Pavel and Miguel we've created two new mailinglists so that 
people can better decide which mails the would like to get and which mails 
they didn't want to read:

The first mailinglist is about everything which goes into the ticket system, so 
if a bug is discussed there these emails will show up on this mailingliist: 
You can post to this list at mc-bugs googlegroups com but In my eyes this 
should be a pure recieving mailinglist. If there is a problem with a ticket 
this should be discussed on this list here (mc-devel gnome org) and not on the 
other one.

The second is about git commits into certain branches. Currently commits into 
mc-4.6 and master are send as emails to this list:
You can also post to this list at mc-commits googlegroups com, but I would 
prefer posts about commits which needs discussion to be on the mc-
devel gnome org list. 

This should give everybody the possibility to opt-in as much as he wants in 
order to track changes. 

Please note that these messages are from now on not longer send throug this 
list but through the lists mentioned above, so please subscribe if you want to 
get these changes.


ps: First exam is in two days.. after the 06-03-2009 I'll be back online.

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:  :'   :   proud Debian developer, author, administrator, and user
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