Re: [Midnight Commander] #276: Show total size of marked files.

#276: Show total size of marked files.
  Reporter:  andrew_b     |       Owner:  andrew_b                              
      Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  accepted                              
  Priority:  minor        |   Milestone:  4.7                                   
 Component:  mc-core      |     Version:  4.6.2                                 
Resolution:               |    Keywords:  vote-angel_il vote-slavazanko approved
  Blocking:               |   Blockedby:                                        
Changes (by slavazanko):

  * keywords:  review vote-angel_il => vote-angel_il vote-slavazanko


 looks good. Now, if "show ministatus" option switched off, total size of
 selected files shows anyway.

 But in branch present some changes in Changelog:

  2009-02-05 Mikhail Pobolovets  <styx mp gmail com>

 -       * nl.po: update by mpol (#271)
 +       * po/nl.po: update by mpol (#271)

  2009-02-05 Patrick Winnertz <winnie debian org>

 @@ -17,13 +37,13 @@
         * lib/mc.lib: added patch on #219 by angel_il
         * edit/editcmd.c, removed obsolete own
 implementation of memove (#242)
         * vfs/extfs/u7z: patch from mandriva (#194)
 -       * added andrew_b's patch for showing free space (#188)
 +       * added Andrew Borodin's patch for showing free space (#188)

  2009-02-01 Enrico Weigelt, metux ITS <weigelt metux de>

         * src/util.c: fixed name_trunc() on NULL or empty parameters
         * src/achown.c: fixed unitialized var in init_chown_advanced()
 -         (patch from andrew_b)
 +         (patch from Andrew Borodin)
         * replaced gboolean by bool (from mhl/types.h)

 This not good, but not critical.

 In future don't do this, please. In branches must present realization only
 one idea.

 My vote here. But in future remember about non-relative changes in
 branches, please.

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