Re: [Midnight Commander] #269: Revert from mhl to Glib

#269: Revert from mhl to Glib
  Reporter:  Patrick Winnertz <winnie debian org>  |       Owner:  winnie                                      
      Type:  defect                                |      Status:  accepted                                    
  Priority:  major                                 |   Milestone:  4.7                                         
 Component:  mc-core                               |     Version:  4.6.2                                       
Resolution:                                        |    Keywords:  review vote-slyfox vote-andrew_b vote-winnie
  Blocking:                                        |   Blockedby:                                              

Comment(by winnie):

 Replying to [comment:5 andrew_b]:
 > mhl headers are still included in vfs/smbfs.c file.
 Thanks.. this is fixed now.

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