[Midnight Commander] #259: Please focus UTF-8 patch only on UTF-8, nothing else

#259: Please focus UTF-8 patch only on UTF-8, nothing else
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Component:  mc-core      |     Version:  4.6.2  
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 The "unofficial" UTF-8 does not only make mc work in UTF-8 environment; it
 also changes its behavior in certain other ways. So far I've found two
 differences, there may be more:

 - It changes the order the Up, Down and Tab keys go through the items of
 the Copy and Move (F5, F6) dialogs.

 - It adds scrollbar to the panels.

 I'm not an mc developer to suggest good practices, but I think the UTF-8
 patch is already too large and complicated and must be a pain to maintain.
 Adding other, irrelevant changes here and making it include even the
 kitchen sink sure does not help.

 So please consider keeping the UTF-8 patch serve no more than one goal: to
 make mc work seamlessly after someone's switched his system from ISO-
 whatever to UTF-8. Some users might also log in to multiple systems, maybe
 they don't ever use any accented letters, still, the same mc version would
 behave differently for them, just because one distribution chose to apply
 the UTF-8 patch, the other didn't. It shouldn't be so.

 More particularly:

 - If the new Tab order for the Copy/Move dialog is considered to be a
 bugfix (which I'd be glad to see) then please merge it into mainstream mc.
 If not, then it shouldn't be in the UTF-8 patch either. (Oh, and see
 ticket #254 BTW.)

 - If the scrollbar is something that you like (even though I personally
 hate it), it should go into main mc (maybe with less cool characters). If
 it's in mainstream mc, I'd be willing to accept it and get used to the new
 look. However, I really don't like that I need to have the scrollbar just
 because I need UTF-8. Maybe it could be a separate additional patch (that
 might depend on UTF-8 if it's technically required). But I don't think it
 should be part of the UTF-8 patch.


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