Git repository management


the fact that I regularly get "(forced update)" when pulling from the mc 
git repo is bit mind-boggling as it makes it harder to track where 
things go.
Also I wonder how you deal with duplicates (I guess not at alL).
Recently, remotes/mc/HACK_utf8_mc-4.6 has been added, while there 
already has been an implicit utf8 branch with the mc-4.6.2_utf8 tag. Now 
I am not sure whether or not to rebase the proposed changed onto the new 
branch or not.
At best, it's pretty intransparent right now.

And BTW, there exists an "mc-4.6.2" tag in the repository, but there 
seems to be no 4.6.2 release, neither on, nor, nor as a 
bare file in
The out-of-date mirror just adds to the 

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