Re: [Midnight Commander] #237: Why some removed and same added?

#237: Why some removed and same added?
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 Component:  mc-core     |     Version:  4.6.2
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Changes (by metux):

  * type:  defect => task


 #1: glib:

 Most of the glib stuff we'd used actually does nothing by itself
 (g_malloc(), g_free(), ...) or things that easily fit into a few inlines.
 Some can even be harmful (easy to forget a trailing NULL parameter, don't
 handle NULL ptrs properly, ...).

 ATM we only use very few glib functions which aren't already provided by
 mhl (GTree, etc). But they're easy to replace.

 #2: ncurses vs. slang

 I've made some polls on several maillists, and the majority seem to prefer
 ncurses, but I know there're still some open issues for it.

 Perhaps we should table this decision for a while and look if we can get
 them solved in nearest future.

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