mcedit patches for ticket#113

I had previously tackled Savannah bug id#13146 (copied to trac as ticket 
#113) and added a slew of patches for it to the opensuse mc package. I 
now rebased them for the new git repo and published it at

	git:// master

with commits ebbefa3e(^)..18408124:

	build: remove auto-generated m4 files
	mcedit: move syntax highlight options into their own dialog
	mcedit: implement EOL mark
	mcedit: fix whitespace styling
	mcedit: provide alternate tab style
	mcedit: provide alternate space style

The UTF-8 branch is a hard requirement, but IMHO, the utf8 stuff is more 
than ready, as it has been in use for a long time in the distro already.
Please review, comment, and perhaps merge.

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