Re: Flickering appeared in recent git

Am Wed, 19 Aug 2009 19:37:49 +0200
schrieb Denys Vlasenko <vda linux googlemail com>:

> Hi,
> I rebuilt mc from newer git (two days ago) and I see
> a somewhat subtle effect.
> On screen updates, mc now "flickers".
> The simplest way to see it is to open a large xterm window
> with mc file view (it is less noticeable on text consoles),
> press and hold Ctrl-R (refresh).
> In mc built from git a month ago or so, or in some old releases,
> nothing noticeable happens. In new mc, I see cursor appearing
> randomly in the panel, with the rest of line after cursor cleared
> and painted black. It happens on random lines and quickly disappears
> and reappears. It happens so often and takes so much time
> that Ctrl-R redraw cannot keep up with keyboard repeat -
> I release the keys but redraws continue for several seconds.
> This effect is not limited to Ctrl-R, it's just the easiest way to
> see  it. I see it all the time when screen is updated. For example,
> if I stand on a text file and press F4, Esc, F4, Esc repeatedly.
> And I do not see it with old mc in this case too.
> Does anybody else see this?
Jepp I can reproduce this.  Can you please open a ticket on m-c.o?


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