[bug #13146] make tabs and trailing spaces visible

Follow-up Comment #20, bug #13146 (project mc):

Ok since nobody replied here are some patches of my own.
They require that mc(edit) has COMPLETE support for UTF-8!, which is not the
case in the mc source distribution. The openSUSE .src.rpm has the required
utf8 bits. Will try to make them submit theirs.

Patch #1 -- cedit-configurable-highlight.diff

This is for comment #19; it allows to switch highlighting. Firstly, it adds a
dialog (Options > Highlight options) where you can precisely select what to

[ ] Global syntax highlighting

[ ] Tab highlighting (those <------> markers, which, btw, can get very ugly
if you have lots of code)

[ ] Whitespace highlighting (dots at the end-of-line, and, if tab
highlighting is disabled, anywhere on the line)

One can already toggle Syntax highlighting with Ctrl-S in mc 4.6.2, for the
latter two, I added Ctrl-V as a hotkey which cycles through the possibilities.
My personal preference is to have Tab highlight OFF and Whitespace highlight

(file #16003)

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