What's happening at MC's headquarters


I'm wondering what the state of MC is and where it's going. There were
plans of a new release, but apparently it's not really happening yet.
Also, I don't see many developers around anymore. I'm wondering how
many active developers there are currently. I though Pavel Tsekov was
the current project leader, but his last mail on the mailinglist is
from March 2008, which is more then half a year ago.

I would really like to see MC florish again, I love the software, and
couldn't live without it. I am a happy user, and also quite happy with
the rather nasty bugs that have been fixed in the last couple of years,
and the new features and improvements that there have been.
I have no doubt that if this project doesn't carry on, that people on a
different place will pick it up, like the people at Redhat currently
seem to be doing. They are posting their work in MC's bug-database,
where it can be picked up it seems. 
I'm just wondering what exactly is going on, and what the state of
affairs is. Are there any plans to move this project forward?

Marcel Pol

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