Re: [PATCH] recreate /tmp/mc-$USER if it is deleted.

On Sun, 20 May 2007, Denis Vlasenko wrote:

On Saturday 19 May 2007 15:52, Pavel Tsekov wrote:
I am running a script which deletes ordinary files and directories in
/tmp if they are older than $THRESHOLD seconds. mc falls victim to it:
if I have mc running for days, /tmp/mc-$USER gets deleted and mc
complains that it cannot create temporary files when I, for example,
try to enter a .tar.gz.

The fix is very non-intrusive and cheap (just an extra lstat). See
attached patch. Run tested.

A similiar patch has already been applied to CVS unfortunately it
didn't get into the 4.6.1 release:

You might want to check the CVS version of MC - it contains many
bugfixes and other changes.


If I understand it correctly, 4.6.1 os approx. two years old.
Are there plans to do another point release anytime soon?

I am not in position to answer that question.

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