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On Thu, 8 Mar 2007, applecom inbox ru wrote:

Pavel Tsekov <ptsekov gmx net> wrote:

Ok then. I guess you can at least supply the names of those
ports and links to them. So I can fetch them off the FreeBSD
site - is that ok ?

I doubt whether an effect is reproducible with small number of directories and files. For example, partial FreeBSD doc tree archive (which is about 3.5 MB) is handled by MC fully correctly.
I can list the real directory structure and the one which MC shows.

Contents of /usr/ports/:


When entering archive with ports tree (excluding distfiles and packages) I see in the panel:


Under all directories, except 'usr' some partial content is shown. Under 'usr' everything is correct: 'ports', then listing above. If you really want, you can receive FreeBSD ports or src trees via cvs or cvsup. Instructions exist at

I asked about 'tar tvf' using for contents showing. Why not to use it instead of full archive decompressing?

Ok, now. What I want to know is the exact steps to build an
archive like the one that you have so I can see what's wrong.
Even if I fetch the ports tree using the instructions above,
I'll need to know what commands did you use to create the
tar file. Having the same file as yours would help me to
debug the problem. If you really care to know why "tar tvf"
is not used you can have a look at the source tree. If you
want me to try the bug you have to help me a bit...

Btw have you tried using a snapshot MC to see if it behaves
better ? You can get a snapshot source from:

P.S. Do not reply to my personal address but rather use
the mailing list address instead.


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