Re: Patch to change sort order of hidden files

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Datum: Wed, 13 Jun 2007 15:11:10 +0300
Von: Valter Pohjola
Betreff: Patch to change sort order of hidden files

> I wrote yesterday a small patch which adds an option that forces hidden
> files to
> be shown last (regardless of sort order).
> I think that this a better order, since a user is not that often looking
> for a
> hidden file. It makes the users home directory look much nicer.
> The thing that I find annoying with toggling the 'show hidden files'
> option, is
> that you usually forget it on and then everything looks like a mess the
> next
> time you use mc, until you make the effort to push a few buttons and turn
> it off.
> I made the patch from snapshot code (don't know if that was a good idea).

The patch looks good. However in its current form it uses the character 'N' as a shortcut in the " Configure options " dialog, but that character is already used in the "Pause after run" group box. And a suggestion - what do you think about moving the "hiddeN files last" option from " Configure options " to the "Sort order" dialog ? This way the option could be set per panel and, IMO, the "Sort order" dialog is the proper place for this option.

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