[patch #6026] D language syntax file

Follow-up Comment #7, patch #6026 (project mc):


file ..*\.d$ DsProgram
include d.syntax

is sufficent (just after C entry).

Name "D programming language program", or "D programming language source
file" can be more descriptive (because simple, single letter D isn't so goodly
recogniesed as explicit full name) , but I see that all entries in Syntax file
are using "X Program" scheme.

d.syntax updated (Sat Aug 25 02:04:55 CEST 2007).
Mainly string literals (D have many of them) and some minor fixes:
 - added missing "is" keyword
 - wyswig (r" ... ")and alternate wyswig (` ... `) string fixed
   (and can contain literal new line)
 - fixed "..." keyword (wrong order of keywords)
 - added FIXME: Ddoc section
 - added tabulator char to hex strings x"..."
 - partially solved problem with nested /++ ++/ comments (cooledit
   doesn't have support for regular epxression like: /(+)+ 1/
 - added missing opApply operator
 - added gdmd (GNU D Compiler wrapper) to #! preambule
 - removed C preprocessor syntax
 - added #line D preprocesor instruction (known as 

Not working:
 - /+ +/ comments, with more than 10 "+"
 - postfixes for wide chars "..."[cwd] (it can be combined with
    embeded literal newlines)
 - new lines in hex strings

I hope i found all errors and they are fixed now.

Thanks for your support.

PS. Sorry, for misunderstanding of your first question. I have beed convinced
that it to was directed to me :)

PS2. If you want some source files to test:
http://smp.if.uj.edu.pl/~baryluk/d/lexical_test.d (about 600 lines of all
possible things)

Witold Baryluk


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