[bug #13146] make tabs and trailing spaces visible

Follow-up Comment #8, bug #13146 (project mc):

This mcedit-visible-ws-v2.diff works great with mc-4.6.1
What a pity it is not inside mc by default. The light blue color is great -
it shows invisible characters but not disturbs reading/editing.

There is one little thing I would like to see:
make tabs, all spaces and carriage returns visible like in OpenOffice/M$

This means that:
-all spaces are visible as dots ···· (unicode 00B7) (not only trailing
but all - this is comfortable when hunting for double/multi spaces between
-tabs are visible as arrows → (unicode 2192) (somethhing like -> mc uses
semigraphics so can draw arrows too)
-carriage returns are visible as reversed P character ¶ (unicode 00B6)
(I know this is poor description but just run OO Writer or Word to see how
these formating characters are marked).

I really would like to see this patch in mc as default. It is very helpful
and allows to keep .conf files clean.


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