Re: [PATCH] bad highlighting of Requires in spec

Hi Leonard,

On Wed, 2006-09-06 at 13:11 +0200, Leonard den Ottolander wrote:
> Hi Jindrich,
> On Mon, 2006-09-04 at 15:53 +0200, Jindrich Novy wrote:
> > 2006-09-04  Jindrich Novy  <jnovy redhat com>
> > 
> >         * spec.syntax: Highlight Requires(phase): correctly.
> s/phase/phrase

Nope, it's building phase. I'm not too good at terminology though.

> The patch itself is somewhat inexact, but the same thing is done for
> "Summary" so it should be fine.

Yes it is, but it would be quite difficult to catch all the general
cases like "Requires(pre,triggerun):" because one can list more phases
for one Requires at one time.

Jindrich Novy <jnovy redhat com>,
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