Some MC 4.6.1 bugs

Hello mc-devel,

1)  When compiled with Slang MC can't input Russian (8bit) letters and
can't  draw proper pseudographics lines with xterm (qqqqqq etc shown).
Other  pseudographics  terminal  I  try (putty) display them normally.
Note:  Russian  character  are  entered normally and pseudographics is
fine with xterm when compiled with ncureses.

2)  When  compiled  with  ncurses,  MC  highlights  all Russian (8bit)
characters  in  internal  viewer.  It  is  because  ncurses attributes
extension happens converting signed negative char with 8bit On to int.
You  need  to  use  (unsigned char) cast before printing characters in
ncurses  mode.  Note:  Russian  characters  are  not  highlighted when
compiled with Slang.

I  use  "Full  8-bit input" On and KOI8-R as Input/display codepage in
both cases.

Best regards,
Andrey Chernov

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