Question on flag_winch() & low_level_change_screen_size()


This is a question to Andrew Samoilov but since his mailer rejects mail directed to him I am posting to the list.

When S-Lang is used the SIGWINCH handler calls low_level_change_screen_size() which is then also called one more time in
change_screen_size (). This seems redundant to me and I want to remove the
call in flag_winch() but I'd like to know whether there was a specific reason for introducing the extra call. In the archives I've found a thread
from February 2002 in which Andrew states that this is his change and it is
supposed to fix a bug or something. I've found that the change was commited
back in November 2000 but since no mail archives from that year exist I am
kind of lost :( If anyone could sched some light I'd appreciate it.


Pavel "The Prick" Tsekov

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