Re: midnight commander reloaded (?)

Hello all,

I would also like to first thank all you developers for your work!

Jozef Riha wrote:
Dear mc devs,

please let me thank you for your work at the first place. Midnight
commander is still my number one file-manager (Linux). Except the
utility I welcome there are however things I see in other
file-managers (total commander) which I would be happy to see ported.
* user defined key bindings

This is a feature that I would like very very much, or if it is cumbersome to incorporate, at least an enhanced set of keybindings. Today I mainly miss how to swiftly change sort order and enable/disable view of hidden files/directories.

If I might, as a user, add one more request, it would be support for diffing of directories as in the windows application Total Commander. There you can decide on recursiveness, "on content", "ignore date" and after the diff is performed you can easily view equal files, unequal files, files unique to one directory, etc.

I admit I am a little bit hesitant to write here, because of reverence of the developers skills and fear of myself posing stupid questions, but now that I have decided to post, I would be very grateful to know whether these two things are reasonable to exepct to ultimately arrive in mc?


Best Regards,

Caj Zell

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