Re: Comments on deb-support-without-dpkg.patch


> dpkg is freely available for download. I never used it myself but I found
> it and tested the deb script as well as your patch. As you said above

but i'm lazy... and i'm sitting on macosx, not linux...
(dunno if dpkg is available for osx, maybe yes, but dunno)

> your patch is supposed to kick in if dpkg is not available... The way you
> implemented it uar is used all the time even if dpkg is present.

i know. it as just a quick dirty hack, and a proof-of-concept
that dpkg is not required to open/extract deb archives
(just like cpio is enough for rpm files)

> I might try to implement 2 myself when I have more time - it doesn't seem
> to be too hard anyway.
> IMO, this patch is not ready for inclusion in MC. Still I don't think your
> work is in vain - I never knew that .deb files are just ordinary archives
> and it is possible to manipulate them trough ar. Based on this knowledge I
> will try to provide a better .deb handler .

ok, thanks


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