Re: Comments on deb-support-without-dpkg.patch


> This patch although useful has certain drawbacks and I don't think it is
> ready to replace the use of dpkg as-is.

i never thought so.

> 1) To use the patch one has to install development tools (i.e. binutils).
> This is not a major problem but it is still annoying - especially for
> non-developers.
> 2) "Open=%cd %p#uar" differs in behaviour from "Open=%cd %p#deb" - in my
> opinion "Open=%cd %p#deb" is better. However, the "deb" script may be
> modified to use "ar" when it detects that "dpgk" is missing. I think this
> would be the best thing to do.
> 3) The View command is highly unportable.
> Are you willing to improve your patch ?

no, at least not in the near future. it works for me as-is, and i have
no time and resources for testing and improving it for other systems.
anyway of course it should only be used when dpkg is not available.
in that case, it's still far more better than nothing...
about the differences to dpkg - i've never seen the #deb thing working,
as i dont have debian (or other dpkg-based distros) installed.


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