mc bugs

hi there,
i would like to say i use a lot mc, it's just great.
lately i've been updating my website,
and i discovered i could edit my document remotely with
mc. (cd /#ftp:bleh:pass some ftp net then push f4 key on
the document i wish to edit....) it's really nice but,
i've been experiencing problems, at least with the ftp
server i use:

when i edit documents it take some time, enough to be
disconnected from ftp server. in that case mc just re-log
me in and properly save the document .. so far so good,
but, after a while working like that, mc seems unable from
time to time to connect to the ftp server. i even get seg
fault, or it just fail to connect randomly..
when this happen, the only choice left is to quit mc and
re-launch it ..

i would say, i spend between 1 and 10minutes on a
document, and i do lots of em per day (maybe 100 or
200minimum) and i have to restart mc at least 20times...

i would say something is wrong in the ftp code inside mc.

thanks for your time and efforts, mc is really cool to

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