Dialogs, hotkeys and capitalization


This is a bit of a minor issue, but Pavel Tsekov brought it up when I
changed a duplicate hotkey in the sort order dialog.

I changed
&Change time
C&Hange time
thus capitalizing the hotkey, but also leaving the first letter of the
phrase capitalized. Although the double capitalization might look
somewhat odd it emphasizes the hotkey and I think the capitalized first
letter looks nicer.

The most widely used approach in the menus and dialogs is to only
capitalize the (highlighted) hotkey ("c&Hange time"), but this is
implemented inconsistently, which is most obvious in the Command menu.

I have no idea how we should reach an agreement on this (vote??), but I
think it's a good idea to decide on a format so the menus and dialogs
will look more consistent.

The three options I think are most appropriate are:
No added capitalization of hotkeys ("C&hange time") (no emphasis apart
from colourization)
Add capitalization to hotkeys ("C&Hange time") (double capitalization)
Only capitalize the hotkey ("c&Hange time") (missing capitals in first



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