Re: [patch] for gnome & kde trash

Hello Vadim,

On Fri, 5 May 2006, vadim wrote:

This patch being proposed is created for support of the trash in gnome or in kde.
The files get into the trash only from /home directory and while mc is run in gnome or kde.
I think that root does not need the trash but users must not delete files outside home directory
and not work without GUI.

This patch is not acceptable as is. I suppose both GNOME and KDE provide means for moving a file to the trash. I'd be happy to review patches
which delete a file to the trash with the appropriate interfaces. Btw
note that both GNOME and KDE are supported on systems other than Linux.

Next time when you submit a patch for review, please, remove any debugging output that you've used while developing the patch. Patches
should be stripped off any information which is not related to the patch.
Also avoid whitespace changes, formating changes, etc - they make the patch harder to read.


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