Re: [RFE] right-side scrollbar for mcedit

Hi mc-devel,

looking more into widget.c I see that listbox_drawscroll(WListbox *l) is
used for drawing scrollbars. I see it's rather single purpose function
expecting that only listboxes should have scrollbars. Would you object
to add a function like this:

vscrollbar (Widget widget, int height, int width, int tpad, int bpad,
            int selected, int count, gboolean color);

to allow scrollbars to be added to a general widget? It could replace
listbox_drawscroll() completely. To let listbox_draw() to use such
function is an one-line fix.


On Mon, 2006-07-17 at 13:09 +0200, Jindrich Novy wrote:
> Hi mc-devel,
> I want to ask you for your opinion about one feature I would like to see
> in mcedit. I miss a vertical scrollbar on the right side of the mcedit
> to let me guess in which part of the file I actually am. It's not like
> we don't have this information at all as we can see the position
> precisely from the bar on top, but a vertical scrollbar is something
> visual that would help me to guess the position from the first look.
> The meaning of the numbers in the bar on top isn't too much intuitive,
> but still helpful to guess what line I'm at precisely as well as when
> I'm interested in file contents of the current position.
> I considered even the horizontal scrollbar on bottom to let me guess the
> starting position of the edited lines if the edited lines are too long
> to fit the screen, but a vertical scrollbar on the right side would
> suffice considering it "wastes" only one character from the mcedit
> window.
> Maybe that's a good feature for mcview as well.
> If you like this feature, I volunteer to implement a patch for that.
> (or, better to say, I'm actually working on it :-] )
> Jindrich
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