[RFE] right-side scrollbar for mcedit

Hi mc-devel,

I want to ask you for your opinion about one feature I would like to see
in mcedit. I miss a vertical scrollbar on the right side of the mcedit
to let me guess in which part of the file I actually am. It's not like
we don't have this information at all as we can see the position
precisely from the bar on top, but a vertical scrollbar is something
visual that would help me to guess the position from the first look.

The meaning of the numbers in the bar on top isn't too much intuitive,
but still helpful to guess what line I'm at precisely as well as when
I'm interested in file contents of the current position.

I considered even the horizontal scrollbar on bottom to let me guess the
starting position of the edited lines if the edited lines are too long
to fit the screen, but a vertical scrollbar on the right side would
suffice considering it "wastes" only one character from the mcedit

Maybe that's a good feature for mcview as well.

If you like this feature, I volunteer to implement a patch for that.
(or, better to say, I'm actually working on it :-] )


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