Re: [RFE] [PATCH] star vfs and xattr feature request

Jindrich Novy wrote:

Hello mc-devel,

Curtis Doty sent me a patch for star vfs support, where he says:
Here's a patch that attempts to add star filesystem support. Which is
fairly important IMHO now that Fedora is using selinux (or anything that
uses extended attributes).

Star also seems very forgiving; allowing the same view/extract command to work
across native archives or those compressed with various programs.

However, I couldn't get #utar to work so had to write the little #ustar script;
which is dog slow. So I'm hearby requesting a new feature: can the #utar extfs
be made to extract from starchives that contain selinux security descriptors?


Hi, I'm the original poster of this patch to the redhat bugzilla. Where it was closed summarily. However, I really thing adding support for tarball extended attributes is increasingly valuable on selinux systems.

And star seems to be the best tool for the job. Are there other ways of safely extracting files from a tarball with these extensions? I'm happy to rebuild the patch against the mc cvs if there is positive feedback.

another reference:


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