Re: Conflicting new line symbol in folder name

On Thu, 10 Aug 2006, Pavel Roskin wrote:

On Thu, 2006-08-10 at 03:32 +0400, Dima K. wrote:
There is a bug when you open folder with name like "\nx" ( where \n is new line symbol and x any symbol )

I cannot reproduce it.  You didn't describe the bug, so I don't know
what to look for.  You forgot to specify the version and the OS.

I can see the following problems (found by trying):

1) When entering a directory which contains a newline the
   pathname displayed in the panel frame is truncated to
   the newline character. For example:

   "/tmp/\np" is displayed as "/tmp/"
   "/tmp/pavel\n" is displayed as "/tmp/pavel"
   "/tmp/pa\nvel" is dispalyed as "/tmp/pa"

2) When the marker is on a directory entry which contains
   newline and Alt+Enter is pressed I get the following in
   the prompt widget:

   "\np" -> "\p"

3) When copying a directory with newline in its name
   the newline is replaced by space character in the
   target directory name.

Maybe there are others too.

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