Re: Proposal for simplification

Hello, Egmont!

Thank you for your comments and your support.

For ncurses vs S-Lang, your arguments are very helpful.  It's hard for
me to argue in more details, but I see that the actual UTF-8 work done
is for S-Lang only.  Perhaps ncurses Unicode support wasn't fully
explored yet.  Maybe we need to defer the decision until both options
are explored.

As for gettext, I have discovered that ngettext() in already used in
src/info.c, so I added the requirement that ngettext() is supported and
bumped the minimal supported gettext version to 0.11.5.  I also added a
ngettext() call in src/screen.c, where it was badly needed to display
mini-status: "M byte(s) in N file(s)".  If ngettext() is outlawed, only
outlaws will use ngettext() :-)

VFS simplification is waiting for another timeslice.

Pavel Roskin

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