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Leonard den Ottolander пишет:
In the glibc shipped from RH I found interesting defines about removing this dependence.
Any pointers (which files)? What exactly is it's bearing on this case?
Isn't removing the dependency enough?

Another case (after described here by Jindrich) may be same as in glibc.
Which case?

I mean the next lines in glibc.spec file


%define __find_provides %{_builddir}/%{glibcsrcdir}/
%define _filter_GLIBC_PRIVATE 1


cat > <<EOF
/usr/lib/rpm/find-provides | grep -v GLIBC_PRIVATE
exit 0
chmod +x


Another words, this provides is present in shipped glibc. And we can
resolve symbols when start application. But no package is provided
GLIBC_PRIVATE and rpm can't install package correctly.

With best regards,
Andy Shevchenko.      mailto: andy smile org ua

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