Re: [patch] 7zip support + bug in viewer

MP wrote:
2. If I try to view HTML and have not lynx installed (or basically anything for which I do not have coresponding viewer from mc.ext installed), I think it might be better to show the file directly, instead of something like "lynx: command not found" followed by "Empty output from child filter") For files that are "almost text" like html it makes much more sense to display them as-is instead of some error message I think I may change the view_load in view.c that if the view_load_command_output returns error (or at least error of type 'viewer not found'), it will show the file directly and no error messages, but I am not sure if this won't broke somethings ... should I try to make a patch for it, or does it have some caveats that I don't see?

I suggest another way. Replace the line for the HTML viewer with the _one_ line below and adjust @X11_WWW@ to whatever your favourite browser is:

Open=(if test -n "@X11_WWW@" && test -n "$DISPLAY"; then (@X11_WWW@ file://%d/%p &) 1>&2; else links %f || lynx -force_html %f || cat %f; fi) 2>/dev/null

This calls links || lynx || cat, and suppresses all error messages.


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