Localize device label for info panel

I don't feel like putting my hands on CVS real code, as you may dislike it. Could someone apply/fix this patch to make the device label (with major and minor numbers for device files) translatable, please?

Pay attention to the vertical alignment of "major" which was one char left of the rest of data in the pane.

As there's already anothe "Device" label, this one could be as "Block Dev:" or "Char Dev:" depending on the type. It's up to you, anyway. (I don't like the "Inode" thing, I think it makes no much sense there)

As soon as you fix this I will upload an updated es.po file.

Thanks a lot
Regards to everybody.
Your Spanish translator: David :)

--- info-0.c    2005-05-30 00:41:21.000000000 +0200
+++ info.c      2005-05-30 01:47:30.695730240 +0200
@@ -154,7 +154,7 @@
        widget_move (&info->widget, 8, 3);
        if (S_ISCHR (st.st_mode) || S_ISBLK(st.st_mode))
-           printw ("Inode dev: major: %lu, minor: %lu",
+           printw (_("Device file major %lu, minor %lu"),
                    (unsigned long) major (st.st_rdev),
                    (unsigned long) minor (st.st_rdev));

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