Re: Addressing MC stagnation - wiki example

Hi all. I own LRSE Hosting. If you need hosting, I'd be happy to setup a
virtual server for MC to host a wiki/slash/scoop whatever site. Free of
charge, of course. I'd just be happy to be able to give a little back for
such a great program.



---==== [ Peter Masiar ] ===---
> Pavel Roskin wrote:
>>>   For the Wiki, all we need is a domain name (or we can keep it under
>>>the obscure url we can put it on).
>> I have registered on Gandi.  I can set its IP
>> address to anything.  But I don't have any servers to host Wiki.
> I host CGI::Application 'Best Practices' wiki,
> just for kicks set up MC wiki here:
> I do not claim this should be 'The MC wiki' - just to show how easy will
> be to others to contribute with info, links, docs, etc, if we use wiki.
> How even non-coders (like me) can contribute to most important tool (at
> least for me).
> I do not have a logo yet (image is broken) but I will look something up.
> I am open for suggestions. :-)
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