[OT] Re: [bug #12223] shift keys should change function menu descriptions


This is a pure off topic message.

On Tue, 17 May 2005, Leonard den Ottolander wrote:

> There are at least 2 people who share this opinion, as *I* (not Oswald) was
> the one to close the bug.

Well, don't you think that  having an opinion requires you to
understand the problem first ? Your opinion is based only on a comment
from Oswald. Should we now start a topic about who is trustworthy and who is
not ? I personally prefer to rely on someone's trustworthyness as a last

> What I am trying to achieve is to separate the wheat from the chaf. I don't
> think anyboy will be looking at this issue soon, we are short on developers -
> when was the last time *you* reviewed or submitted a patch? - hence I closed
> this bug, so it's easier for me to see the forest through the trees. Same
> happened for a report from Roland, a valued and active developer, because his
> report was so closely related to another bug that they should probably be
> fixed in conjunction.

I bow before you, mighty Leo and Roland. Thank you mighty MC gods!

When you ask for patches first think whether are you going to review them.
And no - MC is not short on developers. IMHO, MC is short on ideas where
to go next .

So, Leo thank you one more time for excercising you newly granted rights
on Savannah. I wonder if it was the lack of rights that prevented you in
the past from active participation in Savannah bugs database. It's
also cool that Roland have CVS commit access because otherwise we woldn't
be able to benefit from his valuable contributions.

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