Re: request concerning confirmations (and selecting)

zscherni rz uni-potsdam de wrote:
Imho one thing in mc is a little bit dangerous:

If there is (are) (a) selected file(s) somewhere in the filelist in the
activ mc-window (e.g. marked before pressing the insert-key while the
cursor-bar stood on that file) and the cursor-bar stands on another
file now and one presses F8 and one doesn't read exactly the
confirmation-message asking if one really wants to delete that (these)
(the earlier selected) file(s) and one clicks ok, so the earlier
selected file(s) is (are) lost and not the file selected in that
moment, which one could have expected...

That's why i would like another message in that case which warns, that
there are other files selected than the one on which the cursor-bar
stands in that moment...

What about changing the default button to [No] in that case? Would that help or are you using the mouse for deletion?


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