Problem while viewing rotated log files


I'm running FreeBSD 5.4-STABLE and I have everything configured for
using mc in russian koi8r codepage. Also my console is configured in
I have the latest ported version of mc installed.

Usually if one wants to view rotated log file (eq maillog.5.bz2)
pressing F3 did the job - file is unpacked and viewed normally.
But now something changed and these files are viewed in a strange way.
It seems like viewer forgets about \n and interprets these files as a
stream data without line breaks, but inserting line break each 64
character. As a result we see a bar of text with width 64 chars. It is
actually not the best way to read text log files. When exiting viewing
mode mc shows error box containing multiple errors like

maillog.5:44: warning [p 2, 7.5i]: cannot adjust line
maillog.5:401: warning [p 14, 8.2i]: can't breakline

This problem persists if the file is unpacked manually (eq maillog.5).
Strange thing is that if the file is renamed to any name without .# in
the end it is viewed normally, so contents is not the source of the
problem. The source lies within interpreting file names like *.# as
some special (?) kind. Exclusion from this rule is name like *.0 which
is viewed normally.
The built-in editor works just fine with these files so the error (?)
is in the viewer code.

This problem came recently (within 2 months I think) because before my
recent upgrade of mc everything worked just fine.

Best regards,
 Oleg Tarasov                          mailto:subscriber osk com ua

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