Re: Support for multi-byte charsets

Jindrich Novy wrote:
Hello Andy, Pasha, mc-devel,

On Sun, 2005-06-19 at 17:04 +0300, Andy Shevchenko wrote:

Pasha Zubkov wrote:

Does anybody srart working on support for mb charsets? Or it's any way
to work with mc in UTF-8 enabled systems?

First, I don't like it if you talk about UTF-8 patches. There are many more character encodings than just UTF-8. I therefore proposed the name "extended character sets".

Yes, the UTF-8 support is planned to be included in mc-4.7.0 as far as
I'm having a look into the TODO list. Pasha, you can use benefits of the
UTF-8 patch in the Fedora Core mc. Even if it lacks a general concept,
the important thing for you is that it works pretty well and I'm happy
to see only a few bugreports related to UTF-8 patch coming recently from
FC users.

Last time I looked at these patches they consisted of many, many #ifdef's. I think I already said that having these #ifdef's wouldn't be too good. I developed the files called ecs.c and ecs.h as a replacement for these patches, but got next-to-nothing feedback.

These things need some discussion before being integrated into mc.


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