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Date: Jun 7, 2005 9:50 PM
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   Below is your note posted today.  Below that the full text of the letter, and response, to which you refer, with key sections highlighted and numbered. Programmers can read - I'll let them draw their own conclusions.....

  1. A conversation is proposed regarding "the project", the Midnight Commander project.  The project your quoted comment was discussing.
  2. I clearly state that the Krew does not agree with some of the remarks on the Lists and elswhere that Midnight Commander be scrapped, and an entirely new program be written.  The we feel Midnight Commander is just fine and can have a bright future with the right leadership.
  3. Again, the offer is reiterated, with the sole goal of "keeping the MC Project viable.  This is the only thing we ever proposed.

   My note of June 4, 2005, posted in full on this list, reiterated yet again this fact, and asked specifically if you understood that we were not interested in writing a new application, or a branch of the existing MC, but were offering help to the existing MC Team to continue to work on their project in a pleasant and stable environment.

   Why you now try and say we were, in essence, trying to scavange MC Developers away from the existing project to create a new one I cannot know - but the message traffic shows this in just not so.  In my next note, I underscored this fact (note already posted in full below) saying:
  Regarding a "fresh start", if it was our desire to compete with MC, 
we would have already released our product - this is not our wish. Our
wish is to try and save a distressed project that we all regard highly

and support. We are MC users, too. From what I see in your forums, you
don't need new developers, your developers just need to see their work
used by MC users. New developers are not the answer, new leadership is

the answer.

   My note of June 1st also emphasizes that point, full message below.  In the sentence marked "1)", you acknowledge that you understand that we are talking about giving the current MC Project a home, and no other.  No new project, No fork, THE MC Project.  That was the offer from the start, and nothing else.  Please stop mis-characterizing what I communicated in my messages.

   The notes speak for themselves.


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Hello, Terry!

On Wed, 2005-06-01 at 13:52 -0400, Fudoki wrote:

> Pavel,
> The leaders of the Krusader Krew have decided that we should wait a
> few days before directly posting our offer on the Midnight Commander
> Forums to give you an opportunity to respond to my last letter. I see

> the wisdom of this, and will not be posting to the MC Forums until you
> have had time to get back to us with your position on the MC Team
> becoming a part of the Krusader Project.

1) >>>>>>*****Sorry, I didn't realize that the question was about "MC Team becoming a

part of the Krusader Project". I cannot answer on behalf of anyone
except myself. I may join if I have time, but I'm not very optimistic.*****<<<<<

If you are going to create a mailing list, please feel free to subscribe

me. I'll unsubscribe if I have to.

> Our leadership wants to be certain that your feelings on this matter
> receive the consideration they deserve. Please let me know when you get
> a chance. Thanks!

My feeling is that it would be nice to have a file manager with a
maintainable codebase. I don't think anyone would object (maybe except
competing projects).

Pavel Roskin


Sorry, I should have answered this long ago.

On Sat, 2005-06-04 at 05:58 -0700, Fudoki wrote:
> Greetings All!
> My name is Terry Wilkinson and I am on the Docs
> Team and also am the Public Relations Coordinator for

> the Krusader File Manager Project
> ( http://krusader.sourceforge.net/index.php). Our Team
> has been watching this list closely because most of us

> are regular MC users. I have also been talking to our
> leadership, and to Pavel Roskin, about offering to
> become the new Maintainer of the Midnight Commander
> Project, and Pavel has encouraged me to do so.

This is not true. In fact, it tried to discourage you from attempts to
take over the existing project.

That's what I wrote you:

"Fresh start needs developers. If you have developers, you don't need

to talk to me. Just start coding and show me your existing code if you
want me in your team."

>From another message:

"By the way, I think the new project shouldn't be called "Midnight


Either you misunderstood me or you are misrepresenting my words. In
either case, I don't think you should take over the existing project.
If you want mc developers to join your project, show what you can offer


Pavel Roskin


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