Re: code improvements for the viewer


On Wed, 6 Jul 2005, Pavel Tsekov wrote:

> On Tue, 5 Jul 2005, Roland Illig wrote:
> > I have rewritten some parts of the internal viewer (once again). Does
> > anyone want to review that or should I just commit it and prepare to get
> > blamed?
> I say go ahead and commit it then we'll take our time to blame you. It's
> much funnier this way.

Ok, here we go. I saw this coming but anyway. And no I don't like to blame

Quick View mode isn't working anymore. It is even funnier because the
behaviour differs between slang and ncurses. You deserve to be blamed
because you haven't tested the Quick View mode at all.

Now the details.

1) MC with slang

   If I change to Quick View mode the panel holding the quick view (right
   panel in this case) doesn't display any text and the header line.

2) MC with ncurses

   Text is displayed, but IMO it doesn't fit well in the viewer area. It
   even is drawn in the space that should be occupied by the border.
   Header line is displayed but at the end of the text not at the start.
   The header line doesn't always have contents - i.e. if the file is not
   empty the header line contains what it is supposed to contain but in
   other cases it doesn't

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