Re: Complete: Show All


On Wed, 26 Jan 2005, Thomas Zajic wrote:

> Hi,
> I just stumbled across another long-standing bug in mc again.
> With "Complete: Show All" enabled in F9->Options->Configuration, mc does
> not autocomplete paths or filenames when there's only one alternative.
> Eg. given a directory structure like "x/y/z" (with "y" being the only dir
> entry in "x", and "z" being the only dir entry in "y"), having "x" in one
> panel and some other directory in the other panel, mc stops autocompletion
> in "y" (or even "x", if "x" is the only file/directory in that panel) when
> trying to copy/move a file to "z".
> This works fine with "Complete: Show All" disabled.

If noone else is looking into this I'll try to see what causes the

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