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I just stumbled across another long-standing bug in mc again.

With "Complete: Show All" enabled in F9->Options->Configuration, mc does
not autocomplete paths or filenames when there's only one alternative.

Eg. given a directory structure like "x/y/z" (with "y" being the only dir
entry in "x", and "z" being the only dir entry in "y"), having "x" in one
panel and some other directory in the other panel, mc stops autocompletion
in "y" (or even "x", if "x" is the only file/directory in that panel) when
trying to copy/move a file to "z".

This works fine with "Complete: Show All" disabled.

- Thomas "ZlatkO" Zajic   <zlatko gmx at>    Linux-2.4.29 & Mutt- -
-  "It is not easy to cut through a human head with a hacksaw."  (M. C.)  -

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