Re: problem with M$ FTP 5.0 and any version of MC

Pavel Cejka wrote:

in only one case i had problem with ftp connection to any server. One hosting company have Windows installed at their server. I can login to with some FTP clients (Linux FTP, FAR, Windows Comannder, Mozilla (read only) ...), but not with any version of mc, i tried versions from very old in SuSE 8.0 to new version 4.6.0-r12 in my Gentoo. In all version, at all computers i had same problem, i can log in, but directory is empty. I don't know if it is bug in mc or M$ FTP, but any problem exists.

Can you please show us the output of a "dir" command on the server? I once noticed that the Microsoft FTP server had a directory listing format that differs in minor details from the format that most other FTP servers use. As the FTP directory listing parser in the Midnight Commander is self-written (that is: not using any third-party library), we may not have caught yet every possible FTP listing format.


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